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Knowledge Is Power

Juan Vargas Photo

Juan Vargas

Born and raised in a working class family from Southern California, personal finance and investments were terms seldom heard at the dinner table, let alone the idea of retirement.  Upon hearing of the many ways in which individuals can put their money to work for them in order to facilitate their lives in college at California Lutheran University my passion for finance and altruism was born.  

The majority of Americans work hard at their respective crafts, which leaves little to no time to familiarize themselves with the benefits that are available to them. This is why I built Cognitio Capital - to educate and inform. It brings me great pleasure to sit across the dinner table from clients and address their questions and concerns knowing their comfort and understanding will grow as a result. 

The realm of pensions, social security, Insurance, & investments can be daunting.  Seeing it from a client's point of view can be understandingly intimidating. It's okay if you do not know which questions to ask. As long as there are goals in place and a desire to achieve them, I will put the tools and resources to work to ensure you get there. 

Let's work on your plan together.

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